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Business Process Outsourcing - BPO India

BPO Solution is a Business Process Outsourcing solutions provider with a state of art centre based in Pune, India. BPO Solution, offers world-class offshore outsourcing in IT-enabled services from India. This includes back office outsourcing services, business process outsourcing solutions, data management, web services and software solutions. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in India has been growing 70 percent a year and is now worth $1.6 billion, employing 100,000 people.

India is a country with high intellectual capital, and services are available at affordable prices. So, it is a strategic & beneficial decision for a business to outsource these services to India. This will benefit your business in many ways like:
 High quality output
Cost competitiveness, simply because of abundance of intellectual capital
Effective turn-around-time

At BPO Solution, customer is the key driving force and all the activities are planned keeping in mind the customer�s preferences. We offer high quality services to our customers, so they can strive to be competitive in their market. We strive hard to understand our customer's business process and provide the best solutions and services using the latest technologies. Our quality matches international standards in terms of precision and timely executions.

BPO Solution is in this business with a long-term vision and its efforts are therefore directed towards building sustainable strengths. Our beliefs are the guiding lights in reaching these decisions. Our success in the long run would therefore depend upon the translation of these beliefs into a market image.

Keeping pace with the speed of business means that executives never have enough time. While most choose to focus on strategic areas such as operations, product development, customer relationships and internal leadership, all too often the urgent takes priority over the important.

BPO Solution provides innovative, efficient, and scalable "Back Office" Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions and better ways to manage important, non-core business processes including finance and accounting, human resources and information technology, medical claims processing and administration - just to name the few.

We at www.bposolution.net offer comprehensive consulting services to efficiently restructure and deploy cost-effective back office solutions which include:
 Data Processing and Digitization: Converting text & images to electronic form, creating text from other forms.
Finance and Accounting: Book-keeping, Billing & Receivables, Payables, Claims Processing.
Insurance: Applications Processing, Verification, Claims Processing
Legal: Transcription, Deposition Typing, Data Processing, Research, Collections
Pre-publishing: Layout, Typing, Proofing, Printer-ready copies.

At BPO Solution, we assist our clients with strategic planning to ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved through Back Office Outsourcing. We do not just manage outsourced processes, we reengineer and refine them. We improve them by working closely with our clients to create a custom solution that fits their unique business requirements. Through the use of our global resources, we are able to perform back-office functions for our clients significantly reducing cost while improving speed, accuracy, and productivity.

At www.bposolution.net, we can assist your company in leveraging the power of BPO to achieve these goals.