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Electronic Document Management Solution :

Electronic Document Management is a necessity in today's business environment. However handling the document conversion on your own is not easy or productive. Instead of focusing on your own core activities you will be spending time and energy on a process that would be more profitable to outsource. BPO Solution is one of the most preferred outsourcing company with the finest information technology facilities, products, and services available. BPO Solution, LLP possesses the requisite knowledge, skills, and expertise to carry out even the most complex projects.

BPO Solution has expertise in the areas of
 Document pre-processing : This is the process of preparing documents for scanning. They remove all staples, tags, folds and arrange the documents in sequence for scanning.
Document Scanning : Scanning documents into the database using scanners and EDMS software. The selection of scanners and the EDMS software depend on the volume and the time frame for the project.
Format conversion : Converting scanned images which are in Tiff format to a desirable format, i.e., to PDF / Word / Excel, etc.
Indexing the documents : Indexing documents for future retrieval purposes. The number of fields for indexing is decided by the customer.
Quality check : Prior to burning the documents on to a CD the quality of images and the content are checked. If need be, a re-scan is done and put into database. We also check the indexing criteria and make sure proper indexing is done for all the related documents.
Implementation of EDMS : We also customize and implement EDMS enterprise wide for enhanced information retrieval mechanism.